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Publisher's description

Polysun is a program that allows to you illustrate the actual state of the existing system in terms of consumption.

This neat application calculates the efficiency of the single components of a solar system, facilitates the selection of the most appropriate components and generates economic viability forecasts and customer reports.

What's new in version 6.0

1. Features
PV rooftop planner
Batteries for PV self-consumption optimization
Expansion vessel for solar loop
Simulation analysis on time step level
Heat pumps: input of freely-definable reference points
Freely positionable text labels
Freely programmable controllers
2. Catalogue and database updates
2037 PV modules (worldwide)
244 inverters (worldwide)
241 solar thermal collectors from the Solar Keymark and SPF databases (Europe)
Battery catalogue
Templates for heat pump systems
Several collectors (Absolicon, SET, SRCC concentrating collectors, etc.)
Revision of ethylen mixtures
3. Schemes and company entries
Solar Cooling
Schweizer Metallbau
Revised swimming pool templates
Several new templates (solar cooling, latent heat storage, etc.)
4. Other improvements
Chapter “Financial Analysis“ added to the manual
Look & feel
SIA Report

What's new in version 5.8

- Impeccable Polysun reports are provided in a variety of formats (PDF, Word, Power Point, Excel, HTML).
- An ENEV report now provides results in a format that conforms to German standards.
- A new shading editor allows users to account for row-to-row shading as well as shading caused by nearby objects in the easiest possible way.
- The amount of electricity used for self-consumption can now be recorded as an annual value (sum of all counter readings) or as an annual profile.
- Visualization of controller connections: both the location of sensors (in blue) and the controlled element (in red) are displayed.
- The collector model for unglazed absorbers has been expanded so that energy may be also generated if the collector temperature is lower than the ambient temperature.
- The concentrating collector model has been expanded and integrated with a number of collectors. Newly listed items include Solarbeam, a two-axis tracking parabolic collector manufactured by Solartron and NEP PolyTrough 1200, a parabolic trough collector.

New catalogue and database updates:
- 7600 PV modules from the Photon database (worldwide)
- 600 inverters from the Photon database (worldwide)
- 200 solar thermal collectors (SRCC OG 100 certified) (North America)
- 2 concentrating collectors (tested under the SRCC 600 standard) (worldwide)
- 6 SunMaxx water tanks (USA)
- 4 A.O. Smith water tanks (USA)
- 3 Lochinvar water tanks (USA)
- 10 Rheem water tanks (USA)
- 3 Northern Lights Solar Solutions water tanks (Canada)
- Solar Building Company from UK with 18 PV modules and 18 Samil Power inverters (UK)
- 20 Bosch water tanks (Brazil)
- 200 solar thermal collectors from the Solar Keymark database (Europe)
- 100 solar thermal collectors from the SPF database (Europe)
- 22 Stiebel Eltron heat pumps and 22 water tanks (Germany)
- 16 Sailer multi-layered water tanks (Germany)
New hydraulic and photovoltaic schemes
- 5 SunMaxx solar thermal hot water schemes (USA)
- 4 UMA solar thermal hot water schemes (USA)
- 20 Bosch solar thermal hot water schemes (Brazil)
- 3 Solar Building Company PV schemes (UK)
- 13 Northern Lights Solar Solutions solar thermal schemes (Canada)
- 3 Solcrafte solar thermal hot water schemes (worldwide)
- 14 Rotex solar thermal and heat pump schemes (Germany)
- 3 Sailer solar thermal multi-layered storage tank schemes (Germany)
- 13 Apsilone solar thermal and heat pump schemes (France)
- 1 Polysun space heating scheme with ground-source loop regeneration
- 1 ground-source loop with load profile
- 1 typical reference system for existing hot water and space heating without solar *2 Spanish solar thermal multi-tank hydraulic systems
- 3 unpressurized Chinese solar thermal hydraulic systems

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